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July 16, 2005

The Suspense is Over; I’m Exhausted

Well, I did the most juvenile thing last night. I waited in line at my local Barnes and Noble until 12:30 am. I got my grubby hands on Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (sorry, too bloody tired to look up a hyperlink for you). I decided to read enough to quench my questions (OWLS? Umbridge? Etc) and ended up looking at a clock that read 4am. Mind you, I usually get up around 4:45. Not smart at all!

But I have a wonderful husband who enables my habit by taking care of the goslings and letting me sleep.

I don’t dare admit this little action to my mother - when Order of the Phoenix came out, my niece did the very same thing and my mom was, like, totally disgusted that she was sleeping til noon because she had stayed up til 6am reading. And she was a teenager at the time!! I have NO EXCUSE!!

Well, I’m off to join a small discussion board to ooh and aah over what I read last night.

One tiny, irrelevant but must-be-shared side note: we got Chinese food last night. My fortune: “Birds are entangled by your feet, and men by their tongue.” That’s right – it called me a bird. Excellent.


OH BTW Mike if you read this: I missed Beansie’s birthday. Work has become the place of hell, and the store where her present is coming from closes by 7pm daily. But they’re open today!! Check the mail next week!


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