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July 13, 2005

Tell me, what’s right?

I was reading a story in the Philly Inquirer this morning (reg. req.) that totally torqued me.

This story is a question of consequences, responsibility, and rights.

In June, a young girl killed when struck by a motor vehicle. The driver didn’t stay around to report the damage. The police eventually found said vehicle and proved that it was, indeed, the weapon that killed the young girl. But the owner of that vehicle refuses to talk to police about who was driving the vehicle when the accident occurred.

Let me say that again. The owner of the car, who, by the by, has a record of driving under the influence, refuses to tell police who was behind the wheel of her car when that car mowed down a kid.

Now, I fully realize that one cannot coerce her into talking. It is her right to remain silent.

But, Good Christ, it is not RIGHT of her to remain silent.

It reminds me of
the case of Tom Druce, former Pennsylvania Representative, whose car struck a homeless man. (Caution: read at your own risk. May cause excessive anger.)

He, too, fled the scene. He used his position and means to get himself a sentence of two to four years.

That’s right.

He killed a dude, tried to cover it up, then ended up coming clean only to receive a slap on the wrist. The real knicker-twister in this case is that the creep, last I knew, was avoiding serving his term while living at home (swanky Bucks County) and working a cushy job, while his appeals were pending. Yeah, he has to wear a dog collar or something to make sure he doesn’t “run”. But otherwise, Martha Stewart did harder time than he did. And, last I checked, she didn’t kill anybody.

So, I’m going to add my voice to many on the blogosphere. Who’s gonna stand for the “rights” of the victims, here? Whether it’s a homeless Vietnam vet or a cute kid just starting life, they’re certainly not getting any justice.



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