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December 17, 2008

Fractured Carols

So, We're all familiar with the Jingle Bells/ Batman thing, which is canon. The grade schoolers since added a bit to start the Dashing through the snow verse, but didn't finish it. I've made an attempt. Here we go:

Batman's in the kitchen (verse beginning via sean confirmed internet)
Robin's in the hall
Joker's in the bathroom, peeing on the wall!
Penguin's eating boogies (verse completion a la hag, needs help)
says they taste like glue
Catwoman is hungry, so she'll eat boogies, too (edited 12/19 on Stinky advice)

Oh Jingle Bells
Batman Smells
Robin Laid an Egg
Batmobile lost its wheel and the Joker got away, hey!

And now for something really messed up: (or cool, if you're a geek like me. Via BigSis)




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