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December 14, 2008

Beware - semi-religious post

So, I was driving to work the other day and thinking, as I often do, about people I don't see anymore. I started to reminisce about an old friend who was a lot of fun. She was industrious - worked her butt off - very generous (if anyone was celebrating or in trouble, you could count on her for help). She was just a good person to hang with.

She had some weird personal things - what chemists don't? She had piercings and tattoos, she liked heavy music, and she was into "the dark side", in personal things, if you know what I mean. She named her dog a german word that means something like evil. She named her kid something that was associated with Satanism.

I always thought it was just an affectation. She was probably a Wiccan, but with the scientist's sense of irony, she pushed the envelope. If people think Wicca is evil, she'll make them think she's really evil - on the surface, anyhow. That's what I thought.

But this day, as I was driving, I began to wonder if it wasn't. Was she a Satanist? What is a Satanist?

It would seem to me, if she's a Satanist, he's getting gypped. She might be serious about her religion, but her attitudes and behaviors - and I spent a LOT of time with her - were those any Christian would be proud to have. It seems to me Satanism is all about putting self first, and she NEVER EVER did that. She ALWAYS puts others first, personally and professionally.

There are some who say she will go to Hell for her beliefs, even if they are my original suspicion, Wiccan. But I just can't believe that. If there is a heaven, I believe she will be there. I can't imagine that she wouldn't be.

So, Merry Christmas, old friend, even if you don't believe in it. I'm pretty sure He believes in you.

And Merry Christmas to any who read this. The Chronicles are coming (talk about presenting a sarcastic side to the world) but my thumb has split open early this year, and I'm having a hard time writing the cards.

Joyeux Noel!



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