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December 29, 2007

This Is The English System...

This is the english system on drugs!!

I'm drinking some Harry and David Christmas Blend this morning (thanks Ron and Ginny!) and I was on my own making it. John has left the coffee making to me lately. And I've been doing it by eye.

The problem is, John's monster coffee maker is kinda hard to judge for water level. So, I decided to follow directions.

I was to use 2 tablespoons for 1 6oz cup of water. But isn't a cup 8oz? whack. So I measured out 8 tablespoons. Then I put in 24 oz - 4 Coffee Cups but 3 English cups and guess what? 5 cuisinart cups.

Sheesh, could this be any less precise?!

But it sure is tasty!



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