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September 17, 2007

A Day of Non-Family Blogging

The other day, I read this article (well, actually, only the first paragraph or so – hey, why should I try to go against the newspaper’s preconceived notions of me?) about corn. Corn. CORN!

Corn is a big deal these days, and not just because it can make it intact through your digestive track, thus enabling you to time your gastro-intestinal-processing! No, it’s fermented corn that’s the big deal. In the last year, the EPA made it so the additive of the day in gasoline is Ethanol (never mind that ethanol is way more corrosive than
MTBE), the major source of which is CORN!

The article, though, is a wailing and lamentation piece about farmers. You see, though the corn farmers are laughing all the way to the bank, the hog farmers are crying. People are willing to ante up big bucks for beef, but not so for pork. And because demand for corn is very high, those who control the supply are jacking up the price. (capitalist pigs!)

Now, you might think that a price control on corn is the answer. But I don’t think ADM (the big lobbying group that makes lots of money on corn) would be happy with that. Instead, why don’t we try a new track? How about CANCELLING controls on

See, another huge use of corn is high-fructose corn SYRUP, which we’ve been forced to substitute for sugar in many of our sweeties (like soft drinks). Seems sugar, which grows like a weed in the tropics, is too expensive to use. It’s expense, though, is due to government meddling.

This meddling was done in the name of American sugar farmers – they couldn’t compete with the sugar farmers in the tropical areas of the world – so we put a fake price equalizer in place. The result is not that more US sugar is purchased. It’s that less sugar is used.

New studies show (or, at least that’s what the informercial told me) that high-fructose corn syrup is like, super bad, waaaay worse than sugar (sucrose) for a human. Also, corn is super bad to grow – it leeches all the good stuff out of soil! Note that the Indians planted fish under the corn so as not to harm mother Gaia.

So, let’s help the pig farmer, help the third-world sugar growers, help my Coke taste better, and help mother Earth: Repeal the sugar import tariffs and rate quotas!


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