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August 03, 2007

Three avian tales

6 vs. 36

Stinky is a big Harry Potter fan. He has been reading the books (or, rather, Dad has been reading them to him) and is in the midst of Prisoner of Azkaban. He has watched the first four movies. And, because he’ll never have another chance, I took him to a Harry Potter party the night of the Deathly Hallows release.

Through all the promotional stuff, he’s wanted to try the Bertie Bott’s Every Flavored Beans that Jelly Belly has made. I’ve said NO.

Well, I was in the store last week, and they had a box (little one) on the 50% off rack. Among the flavors are sausage, sardine, grass, dirt, earthworm, vomit, rotten egg, soap, booger, earwax. There are some normal ones, too, but good god. Anyhow. I broke down and bought one box.

Sean and I tried at least a nibble of each disgusting flavor. Oh, my god. They were revolting. I’m spitting and chewing gum trying to get over the flavor. Stinky? He’s saying YUKK but loving every minute of it. Maybe it’s because he’s a boy. Maybe it’s because he’s almost 7. But he certainly had fun, being grossed out.


So, I was watching some special on Elton John the other night (I still love his tunes. Find a better song than “Holiday Inn”. I dare you.) and I noted something weird. Every pop star they interviewed had to wear shades. What’s up with that? Sunglasses in the dark, the light, the decent lighting. Sunglasses all of the time. Why are they so afraid of people seeing their eyes? Afraid the window to the soul might show nobody’s home? I thought it mighty strange, anyhow.

And on the music front, if you’ve heard of Blackfield and like or dislike them, drop me a note. I have one song of theirs from a music journal I get, and they seem really cool. But before I drop $$ on them… reviews?


And a Mothman chronicle, for your dubious enjoyment. Tim has got all the charisma that his father, mother, and brother are lacking. It’s like we stored it up and gave it to him. Wherever he goes, he’s the center of all the kids. Well, John took them to the pool the other night (as they do almost every night), and Mothy hooked up with a new group of peeps. He was trying to get one little girl’s attention, but didn’t know her name.

“Hey, friend! Friend? Look at this, friend!”

Now, that’s a healthy outlook on life, no? Must be all the church we take him to. Of course, we haven’t been going this summer, because he’s a bit too loud, and there’s no Sunday school in the summer. So he asks, every week, “Can we go to church?” We decided to go to church last week. We went to the 8:30, because it’s shorter (no tunes) and the kids don’t have to sit still as long.

About halfway through the service, Tim started getting very upset.

“Where’s the toys?!” he ‘whispered’ to me.

Apparently, since he was only 3 last year, he got to play with toys during church school. Well, hey. When we went to leave, he looked up at me with a delightful glower. “I wanna go to play church. Not this church.”

So, we’re back to waiting til September to go back to church.


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