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August 14, 2007

Views From My World - Part Whatever

Spaceley’s is trudging along as it has for the last two years. I continue to have nightmares about the place, especially now that we have a new cowboy on staff that counters every decision I make. I’m beginning to feel like the guy in office space that has 8 different bosses. But time is running down now, and I’ll have all new frustrations soon. Yipee!

One of the guys that used to work for me often comes to me for advice. Today, he brought over an email he had received. It seems he is one of 2500 random winners of an International Lottery – prize of 1000000 pounds. He had to have his financial advisor in London contact the lottery people – overseas phone numbers provided – in order to begin his claim.

He asked me if it was real. I guess there really is one born every minute.


Sunday, at my husband’s suggestion, the family flocked to the
Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire. If you’ve never been – it’s a big area (a few fields of a farm) that has been laid out like a renaissance market. Well, not really, but that’s the idea. This one has about a dozen different stages where there are acrobats, magicians, musicians, bards, fighters, sword-swallowers, trained animals, and loads of other exhibitions. Between stages, there are lots of vendors – food and wares – and some more permanent things like games, rides (not electrical), a big jousting field, and other spectacles (like a fully equipped and documented dungeon and a castle). Meanwhile, there are all sorts of folks ambling about – some work for the faire, some have paid admission just like you – who are dressed in full costume and greet others with “God save thee…” etc

My husband, being a fan of both Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Garden State, has quite a cynical outlook on people in costume. He just could not turn it off. He rolled his eyes as I cheered on our jouster (who went by the appropriate nickname: Bull!). He refused to get excited when we saw the Queen (just a glimpse, actually). He barely tolerated the really funny magician. He totally blew my experience.

What’s worse is that my impressionable boys look to him for how to act. So when Sean started to get into the joust, when he saw Daddy roll his eyes and ask if we could leave, he decided to act the same. We didn’t even stay for the main event:

It was totally unfaire.


Finally, two pieces of info for some of my fellow bloggers.

Cube had posted something about sending stuff to Mars, and I asked if Mars Attacks! was sent. I commented that Slim Whitman saves the world in Mars Attacks! She was not impressed.

Well, Cube, when I was a kid, there was this telemercial for Slim Whitman’s Greatest Hits. My brother Ron was in college at the time (I’m too young to really remember). Apparently, my father and other brother (John) went out to pick up elder son from uni, and they were chatting on the way back. Ron asked if John and Dad had seen the really annoying infomercial on telly – this awful man who yodeled. Who on earth, he concluded, would spend hard-earned cash on such crap?

My father, of course, had purchased the album, and it was one of his favorites. (and, apparently, he was not alone.
Wikipedia has “All My Best” as the best selling TV-marketed record in music history. Take that, Christy Lane!*)

For Minka, someone sent me this trivia tic-tac-toe that reminds me of your Thursday special. It’s quite addictive!

(*Just for you, Mary.
Your very own blast-from-the-past earworm.)


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