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July 19, 2007

Let's Go To The Movies!

I saw Harry Potter on the IMAX the other night, and I really enjoyed it.

First off, it was IMAX. The flying scenes, the ministry scenes, they were rockin awesome. The 3-D part was wicked!

The overall feeling of the wizarding world in this movie was almost Stalinesque, with a frog-march conformity, worship of the minister, and complete takeover of both the press and the education sectors. Though this was all done in the book, the visuals of it were downright chilling.
There are some things that the movie did so well that the book couldn’t possibly have done. It made up for some of the things that were lacking. For example, when Harry would dream of Voldemort, you’d see you-no-poo do this slithery neck movement. Then you’d see Harry echo that movement.

The isolation of Harry is so completely overt in the movie. From the first scene, where he’s alone, walking, and so very tense and angry and sad, to his dreams, to his lashing out at his visibly-worried friends… you understand his anger a lot better – it’s not nearly as frustrating as the book. Also, emphasis on the DA showed growth in Harry which I don’t remember in the book. This, unlike the Quibbler article, was really his vindication in the movie.

The Quibbler article and that whole rallying around Harry is something that I missed. The thing I missed most, however, was the absolute insurrection around Umbridge. In the book, the teachers got sick of her antics; they weren’t “scared” of her. To see McGonagall cowed by that cow was just wrong. But it really fit what the MOVIE was showing – Umbridge’s total evil.

And, daggone it, she was perfect.

They took out things but overall I think they grabbed enough (like kiddie-Snape, the snape/potter relationship, Grawp, Luna, etc) that I felt satisfied.


A second movie I saw – last week, in fact – was a movie called The Waitress. This stars that girl from Felicity and also has a strong role for Matlock. The casting, scripting, direction, filming: all of it was wonderful. I enjoyed the movie from that angle. However.

Every male in this movie was a jerk. Every single one at the very least cheated on his spouse flagrantly, if not beat his spouse. It’s an extreme example of male-bashing that I would not have agreed with in my staunchest femi-nazi phase (which I never really had). The ideas that:
  1. a girl only needs her girlfriends for a complete life
  2. a woman will instantly bond with and love her newborn child like nothing on earth
are so tired and wrong that I was saddened to see them here. In the end, though I enjoyed the performances of the movie, I felt emotionally manipulated by the writers. I don’t like that.




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