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August 21, 2007

Rainy Days

It's rained here for the last 3 days. So, I had to go to the gym this morning. No running in the dark/rain for clumsy old me.

At the gym, because I need to be totally distracted from exercise, I read a book and watch TV at the same time. (And I've read some lovely books lately. Check out my amazon reviews. The chair one, especially!! Anyhow...)

As I've mentioned before, this is how I'm exposed to new music - watching videos at the gym at 5am. However, it's also how I'm exposed to commercials. We, the bird clan, have TiVO.

This morning's commercials were great. The first confirmed the name of a tech school we passed when we were going to the Renaissance Faire last week. We passed the
Universal Technological Institute. We joked - who'd want to go to UTI?! Well, the commercial this morning almost had me convinced I'd want to. Except, I remember that feeling of having to pee all the time, feeling like someone stuck a hot poker up my urethra when I did pee, and drinking all the nasty cranberry juice. So, I'll skip UTI, thanks.

The second commercial had a guy watching a live baseball game. He finished his drink. So he hit PAUSE on his TV (he has TiVO, too!), went to his kitchen, and got another soda. The baseball players on the paused tv were arguing about the potential outcome of their play. He finished his Pepsi, hit play, and finished watching the game (probably fast forwarding through the commercials!). I can't believe an ad exec for Pepsi was practically pushing TiVO. Weird.

And now, I'm playing with Stinky, since his camp is over. We made a paper boat, covered it in wax, and he sailed it to the drain. No clown invited him to float, however. Thank goodness.


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