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August 08, 2007

Murder In Rich Suburb

The news was crawling with it Monday morning. A man had been shot to death in his own bed in his UnBelievably Affluent Philadelphia Suburbian home. "You see, you suburbanites," they seemed to say, "you aren't immune to the gun violence that plagues our city!"

Except... Tuesday's front headline had a bit of a different spin.

"Did Montco Slaying Victim Have Two Wives?"

It ends up that Jereleigh Morton, the victim, was about to take a second trip to Morocco to pick up his new wife. He had only returned to the US without her becuase his wife #1 was ill. Wife #1 admitted that her husband convinced her (forced her to accept that) it was her religious duty to accept a second wife in the family. Especially now that the family could afford it.

You see, their teenaged daughter died a few years ago of mis-diagnosed Krohn's disease. Even though she was only a daughter, she was still worth $14million in malpractice court. Which was how this West Philadelphia handyman came to buy an estate a year ago.

I guess he brought the Philly Gun Violence with him. Or, maybe his downtrodden wife decided that a second wife is not acceptable, after all? Even if the Koran says it's ok? I'm sure, now that this is revealed as a mixed religious / city problem, it will lose its space on the front page.

The rest of Montco sleeps easily tonight, knowing there's not a murderer on the rampage.




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