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May 01, 2007

Taunting 101

Stinky is doing very well in school – especially the part where he learns how to “deal” with his peers. The teachers’ biggest complaint is that he teases other children.

The force is strong in this one.

The other night at dinner, he looked at me and started singing:
“Daddy and Mommy Sitting in a tree
First comes marriage, then comes love [side note, I didn’t know it was an arranged marriage?!]
Then comes baby in a baby carriage!”

I suppose since he’s a teaser I should have told him to stop singing that song. Nope.
Me being me, I’ve corrected the problems he had above, and taught him the ending with the “hula hula dance”. Only later did I smack my own head and think, Damn, I’m a moron.


The Moth, meanwhile, has discovered a stash of t-shirts from Cousin Ben, and wants to wear them all at once. They have race cars on them. They are ultimately cool. Today, he requested the pickle race car.

I paused, looking through the shirts.

None had green, elongated cars. None had Heinz or Vlasic symbols or anything else remotely related to pickling.

He pointed to the one I had put on him Saturday. It took me a minute, but I remembered. When I put it on him I said, “look at that big ol’ race car!” Which he promptly translated in his (almost) 4 year old brain to “pickle race car”.




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