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April 08, 2007

Goat Gotten

So, this morning I was hanging out with a bunch of people for breakfast. I knew most, but a few I didn't know.

One of the guys had just come back from chaperoning a trip to Europe for some high schoolers. I asked how the trip was; apparently it was a doozy. The first night, he informs us all, one of the kids bought a bottle of wine, though he had been counselled that he should watch his behavior. When he was confronted (he was not drunk), he threw a complete hissy fit (of the "you can't tell me what to do" version, I take it), and really did some bad, stupid things.

I listened, agog, and said, "what a moron."

This woman I did not know looked at me like I was some total beeyotch and said, "kids that age have trouble making decisions." As though that excuses stupidity.

Kid was 17. He blew the trip of a lifetime. (He got sent home the next day.) He was a moron. Sorry.

So, anyway, conversation changes, and eventually she starts lecturing about how scary global warming is. And I say I find the science full of holes, inconsistent, and suspect. She states that we have to DO something, before the southwest dries out. I say I have a hard time saying we should cripple our economy based on computer models which said not so long ago that we were headed for an ice age, and can't predict weather 3 hours ahead of time.

She then starts to lecture me about how the greenhouse gases are eating the ozone. I said ozone depletion was real, but caused by different compounds which we HAD attempted to control. Can't control India or China there, though, and even moreso with global warming.

I asked her what her solution was for an alternative energy resource.

She said solar power. If she had said nuclear power, she might have gotten an agreement from me. But Solar Power. GIVE ME A BREAK. Try explaining how inefficient rare electron-hole laden compounds are to a person who doesn't know the difference between global warming and ozone depletion.

She ended with how maybe we in the USA have "too many freedoms." I shit you not. She said we have too many freedoms.

The same person who thought I was being judgemental for saying a kid who ripped up his friggin passport in a foreign country was a moron thinks she can tell ME how to consume energy.

Boy oh boy, she got my goat. I have been peeved all day. Because after the "too many freedoms" comment, she walked away, as though that was a coup de grace.

My only comfort was thinking that Ogre would be much angrier than I was.


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