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April 19, 2007

Say What?

I was cruising through the refrigerator section of my local WaWa (that's like 7-11, only waaaaay better, if you're not a Mid-Lantic resident) looking for a new tasty carbonated beverage to quaff. My poison is diet, because, like my sidebar says, I'm a weight watcher survivor, and ain't no way I'm drinking sugar or corn syrup. I save my calories for chocolate!

So, anyhow, Diet Pepsi Vanilla is gone (dammit). There's no Very Berry Dr. Pepper today (drat). But there is a new diet Coke.

Diet Coke Plus!

It has vitamins and minerals!!

Let me state this another way: they've taken a toxic sludge (tasty, but not so good for you), and tried to make it HEALTHY.

There are many things that do go with Coke:

There are many things that don't go with Coke:
cotton candy

what are they thinking?
(oh, and it tastes like a regular old diet coke)




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