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April 19, 2007

Speaking of Beverages

Spaceley's has sunk to a new low. (We're talking pacific trench here). They have started charging for the little creamers, peanut butters, and honeys. They charge us more for our sodas than the machines charge. And they charge us for food that they are going to throw away. Better the garbage get it than the sprocket makers feel they might rate somewhere above protozoa on the food chain.

When they put the $.25 sign on the little honeys, I decided to put my own signs up:

ketchup : .05
mustard: .03 (cause everybody likes ketchup better)
syrup: .42 (exact change only) (side note - we never rate hot breakfast. Why do we have syrup?)
water: 12oz - .50 16oz - .75 20oz - 1.00 (double if chilled) (this is on the sink)
microwave: .50 for 30 seconds
milk: potable: .10 per squirt. rancid: free (they gave us this milk dispenser which does not keep the stuff at a healthy temp and the milk gets changed tops once a week.)
salt: $10. (we figure we can make the most here)
pepper: FREE! (who says we're heartless?)

one of these days, my attitude will get me fired. In the words of the great W: Bring. It. On.

Oh, and Bruce, if you're reading this, the product goes live tonight. Have a nice drink and a good sleep. Someone should.




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