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May 02, 2007

Flattery By Imitation

There are no new ideas under the sun. Music, like every other human endeavor, goes through cycles. In pop music, there are cycles where certain “classic” artists are covered by the newbies. Sometimes, this is done in a tribute, but sometimes it’s just serendipitous.

Supertramp has been the recipient of flattery by imitation lately. First the Goo Goo Dolls covered “Give A Little Bit.” This cover added nothing to the original, but did show a new generation that the old generation could write a darn good lick.

Then a band called Gym Class Heroes wrote a song which takes a riff from “Breakfast in America” and used it in a very clever manner – I think that’s when I like pop best; when it’s clever.

But no matter how clever, the original “Breakfast In America” is still better. Sorry, Heroes.

Oh, a side note on another pop “song”. This dude who goes by the moniker MIMS has a song “this is why I’m hot”. I simply do not understand the appeal of such egocentricism. So, in my usual MO, I make fun of him. I’m ranting on it at supper the other night, saying stuff like “This is why I’m hot?! If he’s so hot, perhaps he ought to take off his sweater, turn off the furnace, open the window, or drink a long, tall, cold one.” Stinky puts down his fork, looks over at me, and states, “Maybe he means ‘hot’ like ‘cool’, ya’ know?” GAK!




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