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March 22, 2007

The Family Truckster

When John and I decided to have hatchlings, one of the first things we did was buy a new car. We got the Scoutback ... subaru outback... in 1999/2000 because we had a dog (Scout) and we didn't want her in the back with the baby when we travelled.

We no longer have Scout, but we still have the Scoutback. And let me tell you, it seems like half the people who had sprogs when we did also got outbacks. When dropping Stinky off at daycare, I'd often see another car that was exactly like mine, and two others in different colors.

Not so much these days.

The new family truckster seems to be the Honda Element. Like you had to go out and have a contest for an uglier car than the outback. No offense, I love my tank, but it isn't very esoterically pleasing.

The Element looks like a toddler designed it.

But it is THE car for the newly progenating to have. There were three of them in the lot at daycare today. So, I guess, as the ownere of "the car" from five or more years ago, I'm not in the hip crowd anymore. Boo hoo.




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