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March 15, 2007

Down in Birdland

So, I got my arse out of bed yesterday and went running. The time change has killed me, so this was my first run since Saturday. About 4 miles out (one mile from home), I felt a snap in my right calf. I finished out the "jog" - and by the time I got home, I could barely walk. Sigh. I can walk today, but steps still hurt. What say you real atheletes out there - should I wait a week to run again, or do you think I can run earlier (say, Saturday or Sunday)?

Last night was a rehearsal for Saturday's show. Whoa, I really suck at singing. It's drilled in when you hear yourself with a microphone. I'm thinking if I get a little plastered before Saturday night, maybe this will be doable. Then again, maybe not. Someone tell me why I agreed to do this? Never again.

I do have one good thing to talk about- I read a fantastic book yesterday. Tomorrow, the River, by Dianne Gray, is fantabulous. For a full review, see my amazon review to the right.

My mom's birthday is Saturday, and as a present, she gets to go home (the kids will miss Grandma a lot, but she misses her farmhouse.) Now, I think I should get her a present, but I have no idea what to get her. Maybe a box of chocolates to take home with her? Anyone have any ideas?


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