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March 20, 2007

I Can Finally Type With Impunity!

We got 4-6 inches of ice on Friday. I spent all day Saturday hacking at ice (took a break to make Mom a birthday cake; decorating said cake made my respect for my sister-in-law aka baking goddess go even higher) before singing in the “really big show”. I didn’t drink anything beforehand, but you know, it wasn’t so bad. The audience was there to have fun (as evidenced by all the wine bottles they brought), so they were disposed to like everything. So, I turned off my self-critical ear and had fun – flirting with the little boy in the front while I sang my song.

The show was packed – which was surprising, given all the ice. I guess people wanted to get out after being stuck home the night before?

It was suppose to be the Ed Sullivan show – so we all dudded up like we were from the sixties. I looked like Carol Brady, mostly, though I was sporting some good fringe when we did “California Dreaming”. There’s one guy in the choir who is just excellent at mimicking – he was Ed, he did the “hello muddah hello faddah”, he did a Woody Allen sketch… The guys did the Lettermen, the Beach Boys, the Temptations. The girls did the Supremes and lots of solo stuff. (They also mimicked the original artists very well. They’re all so talented!!) It was, surprise surprise, a blast. I’d forgotten THAT’s why I did those plays and stuff. Because it’s fun!

So, anyway, back to the impunity. Sunday, I hacked away at my neighbor’s ice, so she wouldn’t fall and break her neck. After hacking away all day Saturday. All this physical work from a cube jockey = bad omen.

By yesterday, I could barely move. My arms and hands hurt from gripping the ice-breaker, and it was all I could do to type out the database commands. No blogging, for sure!

But now, I’m back. Cue maniacal laughter.




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