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March 09, 2007

So Close and Yet So Far

Stinky has become such an intriguing mix of little boy and big boy.

He has all the mannerisms of a tween - the eye roll, the vocab, the moodiness. Yet, at times, that little boy still peeks through. Last night, Daddy was reading Lion Witch Wardrobe to him, and he was hugging his knees while listening. He rubbed his cheek against his knee and giggled.

"My knee has face bugs, Dad."

Stinky is a hair-bear, which is weird since neither John nor I is. So I told him when he was big, he'd probably have more face bugs than his dad. (if you don't remember, face bugs is stubble)

His eyes got all wide, then he giggled again and went back to the story.

This morning, he was MoodyMan again, but just for a moment last night, I had SillySean back.




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