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February 14, 2007

Lessons My Mother Taught Me

My mother is staying with us right now, trying to avoid the cold of the one-light town for the relative warmth of Philly. Yes, it is warmer here, by about 15 degrees.

Anyway, this year, she’s telling some stories. Must be the chardonnay I keep plying her with.

Tonight’s tale was that of the 1940 Halloween escapade (not to be confused with the 1940 St. Valentine’s Day Snowstorm, after which her father helped SHOVEL the road from Fairdale to Forest Lake, clearing close to 2 feet of snow).

Trick-or-treating was the theme of the evening among the Rush students (Montrose got a rooster – put him on a fence – Rooster crowed for Rush High – because he had some sense!). They (the hooligans being the Halls – Barbara, Art, Bobbie, and Dick; Doris DeWitt, Mary Louise Olmstead, Clara Jane Cronk, and all the Hewitts – Dick, Edie, Nina, Halsey, and Margaret) had already been partying it up at the Grange Hall, but decided they hadn’t had enough fun for the evening.

They went by the house in Fairdale where the old maids lived. One of these innocent old ladies went by the name of Miss Taylor. Apparently, Miss Taylor chose Trick, or she wasn’t given a choice. Because by the end of the evening, there was a sign in front of her house:

“Men At Work”

Mom pleads innocence – she had no idea why putting that sign in front of the old maids’ house was so funny til years later.

Sure. I believe that.




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