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February 27, 2007

Down With W!

I’m sure you’ve all heard many rants against George W. Bush – Mr. Chimpy McHalliburton himself. If he isn’t destroying the Alaskan wildlife, drilling willy-nilly for Texas Tea, he’s murdering hundreds of thousands of people, all in the name of a war to avenge his daddy. His arrogance and deeds of evil seem to have no limit. And yet, I have been silent.

I can remain silent no longer.

His stubborn insistence that a change of Daylight Savings Time is beneficial economically is a huge pain in the butt. I’m sure it’s just because he wants to play late-night softball (senior league) earlier in the season. All the computers in the world have to be patched specifically, which is inherently risky and, in my opinion, is a lot of unnecessary work. I have to worry and work overtime just because George “I’m King Of The World” Bush thinks Daylight Savings Time should change.

It’s the straw that broke the birdwoman’s beak.

End rant

On a side note, does it bother you when you go to the lavatory at work, sit down, and realize the seat is warm?




Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amusing question

March 16, 2010 2:30 AM  
Blogger birdwoman said...

the one about the toilet seat? 3 years later it still haunts me.


March 16, 2010 4:46 AM  

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