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December 17, 2005

Lessons in Patience

So, I did end up taking Sean to the doctors for his 5 year old shots. Do you believe that John wouldn't do it because it would be too hard on Sean? It was, I must say, a bad experience. But every shot was accompanied by me saying "we're going to see a movie about a Lion. A movie. We're going to a movie!"

By the third shot (the DPT one, that one really stings!), he started to cry. But just for a minute. Then, we went to the movies.

I think I'll remember this movie experience for a long time. First of all, he wanted to sit in my lap. Mostly because stadium seating is quite inconvenient for 5 year olds who weigh 44 pounds (the seat kept going up on him). But to me, it was probably one of the last times I'll get to hold my baby for a long period. He's rapidly approaching the "cool" phase. God help me.

Second, he was absolutely enthralled. He loved every moment of it, and came out saying that he was Peter, the good king, and KC, this girl he feuds with at school, was the white witch.

This was a week ago. He still brings it up almost every day. And he wants to watch it on DVD (he gets confused when I say on "video", child of the aughts that he is.) I keep telling him - it's not on video yet. And he keeps saying, well just go buy it!

Patience, my boy, patience. One of the lessons NOT taught in Narnia!



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