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November 22, 2005

Backhanded Apologies

So, I was listening to local talk radio this morning (I do that sometimes) and Michael S. was talking about something that happened on his program. He makes a policy of not talking about other radio hosts on his show, but apparently some caller called in haranguing Rush about something or other.

Michael S. replayed the call - and when he hosted the call, he asked the caller not to talk about another host, said he didn't believe what the other caller was saying... but apparently that's not enough for the Windbag. Rush apparently trashed Michael S. on his own show for hosting this caller.

M.S.'s close was this - he was sorry the subject came up, and he would go back to his policy of not talking about other radio hosts. And let all the callers who agree or disagree with him, Michael S. call to Michael's show, and let all the callers who AGREE with Rush call Rush.

I'm sure that was no slip of the tongue. So he still got an insult in, while being politically correct...



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