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December 01, 2005

My Little Thespians

I’m thinking that our Sunday School is hurtin’ for kids.

Stinky and The Moth both scored roles in the Christmas Pageant.

Tim is a donkey – since he’s basically only intelligible to those who speak Tim-ese, that’s probably a good thing.

Sean, however, is one of the three kings. His line (piece, for those from Harvey County) is: “Hail, King of Kings. I offer you this gift of gold.”

So, we’re practicing the line. I say the line previous to it, and he spouts out: “Hail King of Kings! Give me the Gold!”


Well, at least they won’t ask us to have our kids in anything anymore. Of course, I would have thought, after Tim spilled the baptismal water everywhere three weeks ago, that we would already be familia-non-grata. Hence, my opening theorem…



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