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November 15, 2005

Is He YOUR Doctor??

When I was at university - grad school, actually, I taught chemistry lab and such. One of the deals at this university was that we were not allowed to watch as students took tests - the student body had an honour code which students themselves enforced. Additionally, students were allowed to suggest that there were mistakes in graded papers, which they could then submit for regrade.

What they didn't know was that we photocopied their papers before handing back.

One student submitted for regrade and went from an 80% to a 95%. Turns out his photocopy had several different answers than the one he resubmitted.

Well, we turned it in to the honour committee. You know, there's nothing more vicious than a pack of students with the scent of blood in the air. Tiger sharks ain't got nothing on them!

They pulled him out of his bed in middle of the night, and stated that he has been accused of breaking the honour code. The student denied any violation.

BAD move.

They enforce their code in this manner: if a student admits his violation, he fails the class and must bow out of school for a semester. This is a school where everyone graduates in 4 years, generally, so this is a humiliation.

If, however, he denies guilt and the proof is conclusive to the committee, the student fails that class and loses all credit for that semester AND the next (that's a full year's tuition). None the less, that's what happened to this dude.

Flash to the summer right before the next year starts. The professor thattaught the class got a letter from the student. He was pre-med and needed this chemistry class to go to med school. He wanted to beg forgiveness for cheating, but the professor should understand: the student has herpes, and has strange memory lapses. He honestly does not remember cheating...

I don't know if he passed the course the next year, or if his memory lapses made him fail. I had dropped out of grad school by then (yes, I know, I'm such a loser). But I often wonder if he's the doctor at the ER...



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