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November 19, 2005

I am No Uber Geek!

But you'd never know it from how I spend my time.

One day this week, I took the train downtown to the convention center (note to self, get that list of philly things going again...) to attend a SQL Server 2005 launch. (hey, it counts as training credits, and it was a day away from Spaceleys.)

The last time I went to the convention center (used to be the train station in the 40's - it's a gorgeous site) was for the science fiction convention. I figure the combo of these two things makes me one of the world's biggest geeks.

But even my dweebdom was put to the test by this thing.

Dude, Microsoft made these movies to promote this event that were one step of "snort"(pushes glasses up) insanity.

The theme was "ready to ROCK!"
ROCK the DBA's
ROCK the Developers
(hit my head with a ROCK this is just DISTURBING)

along with all the chief developers playing air guitar and drums...

I'm still wising I had the lighter to hold up above the stunned crowd. At least I didn't lower myself to standing in line for flare.



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