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December 13, 2005

Late Night Laughter

John and I were discussing an event of some humor from the Hag Household the other night. Long Story Short: John had torn his undies and hadn’t noticed until he laid down for bed and felt a draft.

Now, we’re discussing this, and he says:
“I can’t believe my junk had been hanging out all day! All day! And I didn’t know it!”

I burst into laughter. “Your junk?”


“Couldn’t you use another term? Like wedding tackle? Or naughty bits?”

“Nah, they’re too British. Junk is American.”

He then went on to list other euphemisms that are American. And I gotta tell you, we’re one crass bunch. But crass or not, the whole conversation had me in tears… Nice to know my humor never graduated from third grade, isn’t it?!



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