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December 07, 2005


OK, since I went off on DELL the Epitome of Evil Customer Service, I think it’s time to give props to the best company out there right now.

In September, some of my 2 readers might remember, I purchased an ipod shuffle (and that name always puts Curly Shuffle in my head, dammit).


I use my little shuffle all the time when I jog. She’s my faithful companion. Then, the day before Thanksgiving, I threw my running pants in the wash. Little ipod was in the pockets. My scream on transferring the laundry to the dryer and seeing the ipod carcass in the washer reverberated through Coopertown.

I waited til she dried out, plugged her into my computer, and she registered. Birdpod was there with all her fine tunes.

But she wouldn’t recharge.

Monday, I finally got some time to go to the Apple store in King of Prussia. I signed up with a genius (their technical staff). Told him she wouldn’t charge. He plugged her in, gave her the old 1-2, and said, “you’re right.”

He did not ask if I had done anything. I did not volunteer. (I'm not THAT stupid.)

I asked how much I had to pay for a replacement, hoping I would get a price break.

He gave me a replacement for free.

For the more expensive products, they seem to have a replacement fee, but it’s negligible. (another girl was trying to get her ipod fixed – she had one of those mongo 60G ones – and they offered her a new replacement for something like $40.)

And they fix Mac computers there, too. You take it in, they give you tech support.

Next computer I buy will be an Apple.



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