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August 03, 2005

If You’re Going To Admire A Woman

I nominate Rebecca Lolosoli.

Rebecca is a Kenyan woman who was cast out of her village for the crime of being raped. That’s right, girls. If a woman is raped in Africa, she brings shame to her family. They can cast her out, or even stone her to death.


Well, Ms. Lolosoli and a group of her fellow outcasts formed their own village. With their own rules. And No Men Allowed.

They take in children who have been sold into marriage with old men.

They have their own daughters protected from female genital mutilation.

There are about 40 women in this village. They’ve sustained themselves by building a cultural center for the tourists who come to the animal reserve near their village.

Interestingly, a group of male Kenyans have tried to do the same thing right next door, with no success.

Go read this article, about a truly awesome individual. Then go read
Baldilocks, cause she’s the cool chick who pointed me to this article in the first place.



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