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August 12, 2005

Confounded Hackers!

I write this as a curse upon all hackers. May the fleas of a thousand camels nest in your pubic area. May you get flaming, itching hemorrhoids that prevent you from ever sitting in any sort of comfort. May you develop painful pustules on all of your fingertips that you cannot type EVER AGAIN.

Microsoft released critical patches on Tuesday. One of the vulnerabilities that was covered was exploited last night. This means all of Spacely’s enterprise has to be patched TODAY. Interruption of service = lost $$ = headache for me. Big, big headache. Also, we stil have a bunch of stuff we have to do over the weekend. Now, none of the guys on the team can even drink the headache into a hangover.

All because a couple of mooks in Slavistan don’t got nothing better to do.


It was so bad that people were jealous that I got to leave the office early - to get my crown finished off.


Of Me.

Going to the Dentist.



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