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June 22, 2005

Loooong Weekend

The Flightless Flock is taking a vacation. We're going to see John's sister and her fambly, and, challenge of all challenges, we have to fly to get there. Damn, you'd think a birdwoman could do better than United Airlines. Alas. Flightless.

The broomstick is out of commission, too.

While I'm gone, could someone do the windows? Pollen has been very bad round these parts, and I've not done the spring cleaning yet. And it's now officially summer. Yes, I have once again achieved a new level of loser status.

Finally, John and I saw an entire movie together last weekend - National Treasure. Not bad, for a DaVinci Code/ Indiana Jones cross. Only problem? Nick Cage just can't play a brain trust. Raising Arizona - that's his niche.

have a happy, see you next week (if work is more agreeable, or rather, less disaggreable.)



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