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June 28, 2005

Damn You, Shrek!!

Shrek is a terrible influence. I’m telling you, keep him away from your kids!

I used to think it was cute or even funny when the Heir would blame Shrek for all sorts of nonsense – from stealing the extra cookie to pushing the Moth down. If Shrek didn’t do it, he instructed Sean to do it.

But now he’s gone too far.

First, he got candy out of our snack drawer and hid it in Sean’s bag so Sean could have contraband candy at school.

Then, he snuck a little toy off the store shelf into Sean’s pocket. Sean was forced to apologize tearfully to the shopkeeper when I found it, because I wouldn’t believe him when he said Shrek bought it and gave it to Sean to put in his pocket. Everyone knows that Ogres don’t have money.

I don’t think Shrek’s sweet tongue will be tricking Sean into doing anything like that again any time soon. But damn him for ever starting my precious baby down the road of juvenile delinquency.



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