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July 02, 2005

One-Horse Town Makes Big Time

You know, I was kinda surprised to see my hometown on the front page of Philly’s main newspaper. Was there a flood? Locusts? Nah.

I don’t think we got this much press when the F-5 tornado ripped through 10 years ago, leaving mass destruction in its wake.

So what’s got the world on its ear? That redundant being, the
philandering politician.

Years ago, my mom’s hometown (Montrose, PA) was made famous due to the cold case file of my kind-of-cousin (hell, we’re all related up there, somehow) killing some dude in a
“hunting accident”. I remember watching cold case files or something like it and seeing this familiar story… and sho’ nuff, there’s Dr. Scher, defending himself against the murder charges.

Sorry, but Don Sherwood diddling some lady and possibly slapping her around just isn’t news to me. Hell, it wasn’t news to me when it was the President of the United States and the woman was barely as old as his daughter.

But imagine my surprise when Gables Donuts gets a first page mention in the Inquirer?! I guess the reporter was impressed (as she should be) with the quality of Gables’ products. Yummy.

Dammit, now I’m hungry!



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