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May 17, 2005

The Evening Bulletin

Have I mentioned that Philly’s got a brand new rag? Small, evening paper, not online yet, called the Evening Bulletin. Seems to be a little more red (not read) than the Inquirer. The readers, though, seem to be the same ones that read the Inquirer. Main difference is, the Inquirer prints scads of their letters as a testament to their own beliefs. The Bulletin seems to be handling this a little differently:

CIA: Wrong On Iraq, Wrong On Iran, Too
To The Editor –
In reading and re-reading your front-page story “CIA Source Details Iran’s Secret Nuclear Weapons Plan” (The Evening Bulletin, May 10), I did not see any indication as to whether or not this was the same CIA that told the world that Iraq had :weapons of mass destruction and an arsenal of biological, chemical and nuclear weapons” and that Saddam was going to attack America tomorrow morning at three and that we would all be dead in our beds by eight.

I think that we should have been told.

After all, we now (sic) how accurate that statement was. Wasn’t the CIA responsible for the (mis)information and photos that Uncle Tom Powell referred to at the UN? Wasn’t the CIA that provided the (mis)information that the Bush regime used as justification to ram lies down the throats of “our allies”? No doubt, the thinking is that a good lie is too good to waste and should be used over again. (“Thank you, Father Goebbels.”) (I think I’ve got the mindset here – Hitler reference and all, so I’m gonna snip the rest, including the jerk’s name - ed)

The Evening Bulletin replies:
We believe that the fact Mr. K would refer to Colin Powell as an “Uncle Tom” tells us most of what we need to know about his view of the world. While we find such sentiments contemptible and offensive, we publish these sorts of letters from time to time as a public service, in order to give our readers a more accurate depiction of what passes for organized thinking in the loopier quarters of American politics.
(snip, again - ed)

Did I say that I’m gonna subscribe to this, as soon as they deliver to the burbs? I already subscribe to the pinko-rag, so I might as well support the other side, too.



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