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April 27, 2005

The New Computer Syndrome

The process of getting a new computer is such a series of ups and downs. Going through the whole process makes me feel like I'm post menopausal, or, worse, pregnant. An example of the yo-yo effect...

Down: Crap! The computer won't boot!
Up: Here's the support number and all the codes!
Down: Man! We're off warranty!
Up: Heeeeeyyyyy, I have an excuse to buy a new computer!
Down: Crap! All my family tree stuff!
Up: I made a backup!
Down: The cd burner burned some bad sectors! CORRUPT FILES!
Up: I made two copies of everything!
etc etc

The last few downs have been turned into great ups... the newest version of Family Tree Maker is great, the Microsoft picture software works better than the free Adobe stuff I had before. The network is more convenient and faster.

The only real down? My wallet is quite a bit lighter. But I'll tell you. I love having a new toy!!



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