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May 12, 2005

50 Things I Love About Philly In No Order Particularly - #42

(Like the title says, this is a list of things I've loved about philly, in the 17 years I've lived in this area. Also, like the title says, they're in no particular order. It's also not an inculsive list. These were just the first fifty that popped into my head. I'm gonna dish one up fresh, weekly. Also, I've started at the "bottom" to keep you tuned in. It's part of my nefarious plan for readership. Mwa-ha-ha-haaaaa.)

Back before the days of the Pennsylvania Convention Center, when the Gallery was the only thing between City Hall and Penns Landing, the 11th /13th and Market/Arch area was kinda scary. There were lots of porn-type shops. There was (and still is) the Greyhound bus terminal, with all its fun types. It was the outer edge of Chinatown, and it was not a pretty place.

One of the buildings that front-ended onto Market street was the Reading Terminal. Behind it, you could see where the trains used to come in. On its face was some of the most incredible brickwork and stone carving on its edifice. It was dirty and worn, and there were always rumors of its imminent demise.

The only thing keeping the building alive was the Market. In the basement of the building, accessible at 11th and Filbert, is the Reading Terminal Market. Here, a conglomeration of salesman arrange their wares. There’s the Chinese vegetable merchant, the Indian spice merchant, the Amish butcher, the IceCream shop, the All Night Diner, Termini’s bakery… It was (and is) one of the neatest places to do your shopping if you live in the vicinity.

After all the changes (the building was saved, and, marvel of marvels, RESTORED), the market is still there. A little cleaner, a little more yuppified, but still, a great place. Visit it sometime. And have a dark chocolate truffle for me!



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