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April 02, 2005

Made For TV, Made For Me

I’ll admit it. I’m a sucker for “made for tv” type movies. I love the bad disaster flicks (10.5 being a recent one of those. Sooooo bad, it’s almost good), or the silly Lifetime-type suspense movies (I’m a die-hard Melissa Gilbert Pulp fan.)

But there are some made-for-TV’s that are on the same level, and even surpass, their contemporaries on the big screen.

BBC is especially famous for bringing some wonderful work to the little screen. Seems like they don’t do so many television “shows”, as we Americans know them, but more series – where there are anywhere from one to twenty “episodes” to the entire series. And their stuff isn’t limited to Benny Hill, Monty Python, Doctor Who, Ab Fab, or any of those often-viewed PBS players, either.

Most people are familiar with the Colin Firth vehicle:
Pride and Prejudice. Another wonderful, star-packed, pseudo-historical that no one should miss is I, Claudius. (Jean-Luc Picard fans, beware: he’s here, he’s bad, and he’s HAIRY! Yikes!)

Some of their other short series, like Prime Suspect, Ultraviolet, Cadfael, Neverwhere, Sherlock Holmes are best in genre, whether it be mystery or sci-fi.

So if you’re sick of old Seinfeld re-runs, sick of the tripe Pay-per view and Blockbuster are throwing down your throat, find the BBC-made videos. You won’t be sorry!



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