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March 27, 2005

Boogie Baby?

The Inquirer has an article today entitled Boogie Baby (reg req). Much to my surprise, it wasn’t about kids with colds. No, indeed. Boogie Baby is about the new Baby Disco, which apparently is a savvy entrepreneur’s way to utilize his hip nightclub’s space during the day.

The bar is fully stocked with juice boxes and tequila. There’s the leftover stigma of smoke from a thousand clubbers. There’s the opportunity for parents to grab a draft while their kids bounce around to rock and roll.

I predict failure. Not because people will be horrified by it. But because it’s an association thing. I do NOT want dancing and partying associated with little kids. As a mom, I want dancing and partying to be associated with one of two things: pre-kids or getting away from kids.

Obviously, the owner of the club has no kids, or he’d know that’s the way most parents feel.



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