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March 01, 2005

And you won’t drag me back, kicking and screaming

I’m a newly converted XM Radio (that’s satellite radio for those not in the know) listener. My husband has had it for a few years, in fact, the new room on our house was paid for because he bought stock in the company when it was cheap – he knew the product would take off.

And it has. And it will continue to do so.

I got it in my car – the only place I really listen to radio. I haven’t heard a commercial while listening to music in over 6 months. I haven’t even got the FM channels programmed into my car stereo!

A few weeks ago, I had Arbitron – they’re the Nielsen of radio – call me to see if I would fill out one of their diaries. I said, well, sure, but I don’t really listen to radio – I listen to XM. They were a little non-plussed.

I’d like to imagine their response upon reading our diaries. I have only XM, my husband has only XM – all day at work – with a little bit of AM in the afternoon, since my mom is using his car XM during the day (we have one of those portable things).

A few nights ago, coincidence I’m sure, I had a call about a survey for local radio. I couldn’t identify any of the morning shows they were touting. I couldn’t identify the play list of any stations. But I listen to radio about 2 hours a day. All XM, baby.

Also, coincidentally, I’m sure, I found out that the station I used to listen to all the time Y-100 (the only modern rock alternative in Philly) has changed format to hip-hop. Too bad. Lucky for me, I have XMU or Ethyl or Lucy to choose from.

And I’d have it no other way.



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