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March 21, 2005

Where Have You Been?!

Those of you who are regular readers – Hi Mom! – may have noticed that I’ve not been posting much lately. Several updates on the personal front:

  1. I finished my book. No joke. I’ve had a “to do in my life” item on my list since I was about 16 – I wanted to see how hard it was to write a romance. I’ve now done it. It sucks, but I did it.
  2. I got a promotion. At work. Just goes to show that you can fool some of the people some of the time. But now, my working hours are a bit more, shall we say, demanding.
  3. I seem to have developed severe tendonitis in my hands. Typing hurts pretty much all the time. Coincidentally, I type for a living. So, I haven’t even been surfing the web in my off time, trying to get my hands back. I’m also going to the doctor. Wish me luck.

So, I believe my excuses are valid. I’ll try to do at least one entry a week, but you know about intentions? Me, neither.



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