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August 25, 2009

Boys Will Be Boys

Summer is drawing to a close, once again. The cicadas are louder than bombs here in PA and you can smell the bus fumes and new shoes just around the corner.

We spent this morning hiking around Ridley Creek State Park. The temp and humidity have dropped, so it was quite fun. I'm not a bug fan, but I deal because the boys tend to have a pretty good time.

Then the boys got really hot, though, as our walk was ending. So they went tribal, and I told them that soldiers sometimes wrap their shirts around their heads. So they did.

Unprovoked, Stinky takes a pretend gun (he always has one handy) and starts shooting at planes. "I'm dressed like a terrorist so I should shoot down planes" he says, with a bad accent. Where do they get this stuff? I'm fairly certain John and I haven't planted this one in his brain, though he's always listening and regurgitating things we never expected him to hear...

Fun in the sun is almost done, but we still have a few days left. I'm going to enjoy it as much as possible!


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