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August 14, 2009


I am a rarity: a Philadelphian who hates the Eagles. It all started when I lived in south philly and was a cowboys fan. That year was also the year that an Eagles fan peed on a cowboys fan IN THE STANDS and beat up a little kid who was sporting the colors of another opposing team.

Eagles fans, I have found, are a rude, awful bunch. They boo santa and cheer when a player breaks his neck. Anything that makes them sad makes me happy. I am still not a football fan, but I cheer for any team that plays the eagles.

Up until yesterday, every male homo sapiens in my house was a big time eagles fan. Then this headline interrupted the Phillies game last night.

A few months ago, not sure if I posted about this or not, Stinky (big animal kid) and I watched a National Geographic special about the dogs that were rescued from Michael Vick's property after the dog-fighting scandal. There were dogs that had their teeth all pulled out so they could be forcibly bred. There were dogs that were trained to be bait to build up other dogs' confidence. It was horrific. It stuck with Sean big time.

Now, the iggles have hired michael vick to be their new qb. When they announced it, Sean looks at me and says, "Isn't that the guy who hurt all those dogs?" I answered that it was. He said, "I'm with mom now. I hate the Eagles. I'm routing for the Ravens." (that's Poppy's team, and their players have their own issues, I know, but none involve animals, right?)

Then he stopped and thought and said, "And I'm gonna route for the cowboys. Because the Eagles hate the Cowboys."

I love that kid.




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