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August 06, 2009

Summer of Cammo

Thanks Uncle Mike and Aunt Jenny

They got the boys cammo t-shirts, vests, and ecoutrements. The little cherubs already had cammo shorts. As a result, most days they are fully be-decked with cammo, but sometimes they are minimalist army dudes, as in this pic.

Stinky, when he goes anywhere, pretends he is the scout, and "carries" his "weapon" at the ready... he's kinda scary obsessed with it right now.

The moth just tries to keep up. Yesterday, I heard this conversation:
M: "Do you know how we kiss in the army?"
S: "Army guys don't KISS."
M: "Right! We punch each other on the arm or on the back. Not too hard."

sigh. They are such... boys.

John has ventured that I should change what they wear. Why? As long as it's clean, I really don't care what they wear. When school starts again, well, that's another matter.

John has gotten into camping with the boys this summer. They have gone away once and will go away again. Very cheap vacation, this is. The boys camp, which is cheap, and I get a day to myself, which I usually spend watching movies or going for walks. I love summer.

Hope yours is going well, too.




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