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July 08, 2009

OK, Ick

We switched from my beloved DirecTV today to Comcast. The bundle just saves us so much money that I couldn't justify not doing it. Anyhow, the comcast guy is here, and he had the tv turned to a local affiliate while he tinkered.

Some show called The Doctors (?) was on. It has a GROSS factor of 11 out of 10. They were talking about some stomach cancer, inherited, that killed like 7 out of 10 people in one generation. So the next generation all had THEIR STOMACHS REMOVED!

I almost removed my stomach after the next story, though. They talked about weird eating habits. One guy was a proponent of the raw meat diet. Have fun with your parasites, dude.

But the weirdest HAD to be the guy who cooked a three-course meal out of... wait for it... his first child's PLACENTA.

I thought soap operas were bad. Sheesh.




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