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July 06, 2009

Killer Strikes Again

Ahhh, the joys of having a new dog.

We thought our kitchen was dog-proof, but a few weeks of rainy days showed that even the best-nailed-down molding could be pried up with puppy teeth. All of my rugs got chewed to bits, but hey! That's an excuse to buy pretty new rugs from TJ Maxx! (and I got this cool rug with a rooster. I'm so proud!)

So, now that sunny summer has come, the dogs are outside most days - all day! We got a new fence as our old one was certainly not Houdini proof. The new one is aces until the boys forget to close a gate. Then, out goes Loki. He's not a runner, just a curious dog. He comes right back when called. But nowadays, it's usually bearing gifts.

Two days ago, it was a mole.

Today, ~sniff~, it was a bird.


We've been doing a lot of swimming; stinky, moth, and I. I felt the sun was a little strong today, so I checked my back when we got home. Last year, I got the crap burned out of my back when we were at Virginia Beach. When I checked my back today? I still have the marks from last year's burn. I know because I haven't worn that swimsuit since that fateful trip. But I can still see the lace marks.

A friend of mine just turned up with a huge amount of skin cancer on her arm. I was never a sun bather, but she was a sun-avoider. Terrified of skin cancer, she was, cos her mom had it. And now, despite her precautions, she has it. Good thing she's paranoid, because this little tiny mark, that the doctors thought was a flu-shot scar, ended up causing a 3x1 inch hole in her arm. The docs still don't know if they got it all. Suck city.


I'm still getting used to this Mac OS. The touch pad still makes me swear sometimes, and setting up the new scanner/printer (it was free, and now I'll have a printer at school! Yee haw!) was like pulling teeth! HP doesn't like MAC all that well. But I now have 5 wires coming out of my desk. 4 of them are power cords. 1 is internet to the modem. C'est tout! For a semi-ocd girl, it's a thing of beauty. Or a beautiful thing, as Vic might say.

Well, I'm off to type more addresses back into address book. Just wanted to see if I could get my photos cleaned up after the big switch, and then see if I could upload. Yes, still getting used to the Mac, but liking it as I learn. I guess I'm not so old as that, if I'm willing to learn new tricks.

later, gators.




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