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July 05, 2007

A Two-fer

Months of barely posting, and here I am, 2 in one day! Well, this is a meme, so it mightn't count.

My aussie friend Craig over at Outside The Breadbox has tagged me for a meme. Damn his eyes!
The gist is this: I’m supposed to list 8 things about myself that other people wouldn’t know. Then I’m supposed to share the fun with eight others.

The problem is, I’m a person without secrets. In fact, when I went to the bank the other day, these two guys were sitting there, and one asked me for a secret. I frowned, and stated that I had none. I’m so BORING!

So, I’ve been thinking about this since then, and since I saw Craig tagged me last week. I’ll try.

  1. I have an extra fold in my first finger. No, it’s true! It’s like I have another joint, but I don’t.
  2. I still talk to myself, and thank god for the invention of hands free devices for cell phones, because now people aren’t as likely to think I’m crazy. (They’d be wrong, of course.)

  3. I write fanfic. Lots of it. Have for years – since seventh grade, in fact. Back then, it was Scarecrow and Mrs. King. Most recently, I’ve been writing/reading Jane Austen fanfic. I’ve even written some short, original fiction. It has led to me understanding just how hard it is to write at all, let alone well, and has given me WAY more respect for published writers.

  4. I’m the youngest of eight children. My mom was the youngest of eight children. Though I’m only in my thirties, my uncle fought in WWI. My sibs and I (and all of our spouses) all get along – I can’t remember a feud among us even though we are ALL very different. I think about my family a lot, to this day quoting MASH or Bugs Bunny or something like that and thinking that John or Ron would understand when everyone else just looks at me like I’m nuts.

  5. I am a jack of many trades and a master of none. I can play guitar… a little. Piano… even less. I can sing, but who can’t? I can program, but I’m not great at it. I can knit, cross stitch, cook, and all sorts of other things to a mediocre level. I have passion for nothing. Sometimes it makes me feel half dead inside.

  6. I love pens. I keep a box of all different color pens. I don’t use them, I just have them.

  7. I like people on an individual level, but abhor crowds. If I have to be in crowds, I want to be alone (i.e. shopping) – I have no fear of getting lost, but I do have a fear of separation, probably left from when I was a child and my older sister purposefully left me behind in stores. Hey, gotta blame someone for my neuroses.

  8. There used to be a really big, ugly mole on my chin. The first thing I did when we had some money was get that stupid thing removed. I have a scar now, and find it infinitely preferable.

  9. Chain letters are evil, and so are memes. I don’t forward or tag. It’s against my religion. Along with fornication.

That’s it. See? Boring as a blade of grass in Toledo, Ohio.


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