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May 25, 2006

Passing Time In The Mind of Birdwoman

So, after a week + of the world’s worst form of birdwoman torture (sitting in a room whilst lawyers argue, misconstrue, posture, not fully embellish... and be forced to just sit and listen!! No questions allowed!! Jury duty stinks!), I am back at the office.

My first day, I’m in a meeting for this one project. Thinking about another phase of this project, in which the coder made a database column with the word “comity” in it. This spelling had passed through all the QA and UA testing cycles, even though it appeared straight through to the end-user reports. Seven months (57 DTS packages, 326 reports) down the line, project manager says, “Hey, this is spelled wrong. We should fix it.” (We shall pause for a snicker among those who do application support.)

But anyway, I got to thinking, how do you really spell it? Committee? Yeah, that’s it. Committee. Like the inactive version of committer. The committer is the person who actually does something and the committee is… not!

Ain’t that strange, how that works?



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