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May 11, 2006

Larry, You’d Be Almost Proud

The nest is looking a little harried – especially in the living room area. The couch makes a scary crunching noise if you sit in the wrong area, and all the upholstery has giant rips. Re-finishing the crap furniture we bought just isn’t worth it. So, bought some new stuff.

Funny thing, though, is that new furniture is BIG. Our house is SMALL. We went with the smallest stuff we could find (that was still comfortable) and know that we’ve got to lose some stuff in the living room. The first thing was the storage for dvd’s. I got a new corner entertainment center – just taller than our crappy current one – that had storage in it.

It came last week. I put it together this weekend. All by myself. I even used a power tool (if an electric screwdriver counts). John lifted the TV, but otherwise, I did all the wiring by myself, and only managed to screw up the gerry-rigged phone line that DirectTV has hooked up. That, I couldn’t fix.

But otherwise, it’s all happy and working and actually pretty and solid, too! (I’m the most unhandy person in the world, so this is a pretty major achievement!)




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