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May 17, 2006

PeeCee School Strikes Again!!

OK, How many of you used to do the Little Bunny Foo Foo song when you were a kid?
(from a sheet Moth's teach sent home)

Little bunny foo-foo
(put up two fingers like bunny ears)
hopping through the forest
(hop fingers up and down)
scooping up the field mice
(pretend to scoop up mice from ground)
and kissing them on the head
(blow a kiss)

what's that you say?

where I come from, we used to say "bopping"
(and show the action by pounding the bunny ears with our other hand)

But that's too much violence for my little cherub.

Sure, right.

What I really want to know is how they get to the moral of the story? Hare today and goon tomorrow.




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